5 / 5  -  Comic Buzz | October 6, 2017

"one of the comic books of the year."

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5 / 5  -  Comic Buzz | August 24, 2017

"It’s Lost meets Castaway meets King Kong, with the added complexity of the Riftworld layering a whole new depth previously unheard of...Everything from dialogue to pacing, from scene structure to characterisation, stands up to the very best you’re like to find in the genre."

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9.5 / 10 - Pastrami Nation | September 17, 2017 

"Issue #1 of the Riftworld Legends series left us waiting for the epic adventure tale to continue, and Issue #2 definitely delivers!"

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9.5 / 10 - Pastrami Nation | September 2, 2017

"This first issue has it all; an exciting story in an intriguing world, top notch characters, and eye catching art by Daniel Wong"

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5 / 5  -  Outright Geekery | August 2, 2017

"I am loving all of these characters. From grandma to Thora, they have all been very interesting, especially the Captain...It seems as though each issue answers questions and makes new ones.... This is really getting good"

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8.5 / 10  -  PopnComics | July 30, 2017

"This setup makes me excited for what is to come in the following issues. Rounding up the story Wong, and Alleyne does an astounding job on the art."

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5 / 5  - Outright Geekery | July 14, 2017

"If you like fantasy and adventure books, then check out Riftworld: Legends #1."

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8.8 / 10  -  PopnComics | July 13, 2017

"With a gripping, adventurous, and mysterious story, this is something everyone should check out."
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Indiewire | July 30, 2016

7 Great Independent Pilots from SeriesFest We Hope Become TV Series.

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8.5/10  -  JM Frey Blog: Things to Love Tuesday: Riftworld | August 11, 2015

“Sad as I am that it’s only 8 episodes, so far, this Meta Fantasy Webseries starring Erin Karpluk (Being Erica), and Tahmoh Penikett (Strange Empire), is great. It’s funny, but it’s not trying too hard, and it’s an homage to Table Top RPGs that is both genuine and touching, but also self-awarely wry. There is none of that Big Bang Theory “we’re inviting you to laugh WITH the nerds but actually we’re all really laughing AT them” nonsense here. And it’s working...”

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5 / 5  -  Sisters in Geek | July 22, 2015

“Right now my only issue with Riftworld Chronicles is that I need more. A lot more. They’ve worked hard getting investments and crowd funding to get this far. Now we need to watch, like, follow, share, love, review, and campaign for more episodes. We need to convince them to make more before Tahmoh disappears into another drama, and we never see his comedy again!”

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Nerdy but Flirty | July 20, 2015

“The only thing I don’t like about the series is that there are only eight episodes! I’m here, I’m invested, I want to see what happens next! I’m not sure if the creators are going to make more, but I sure hope they do. Definitely a show I would continue watching.”

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Revue de Presse | July 20, 2015

Après la réalisation de The Portal, un court-métrage de 11 minutes qui a été très apprécié au Comic Con de Salt Lake City, Jonathan Williams a recueilli plus de $ 60,000 via une campagne Kickstarter auprès de ses fans.

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NZ Booklovers | July 18, 2015

“I didn’t have any particular expectations even though the trailer looked amusing, but I was blown away at how goodRiftworld Chronicles was. Great acting, superb effects considering the budget (it was finded via Kickstarter), and a perfect blend of fantasy and humour. It reminded me a little of the humour of Sleepy Hollow, with the whole “a man out of time” idea, and it could have been cheesy, but instead it was genuinely funny. I laughed out loud in every episode.”

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Zeitzeugin | July 14, 2015

“Sollte sich die erste Staffel als erfolgreich erweisen, steht einer zweiten nichts im Wege und ich hoffe sehr darauf, dass nicht nur eine zweite Webserienstaffel folgt, sondern eine „richtige“ Serie mit mehr Budget und längeren Episoden. Potential dafür hat es auf jeden Fall, denn Cast und Crew machen ihre Sache verdammt gut!”

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SFFWorld | July 12, 2015

“After the success of the short and the fan interest in the web series, you would expect CBC to greenlight a full season. It deserves it. There are many potential adventures ahead in the “Riftworld Chronicles”. It’s increasingly probable that we will get to see them. Great fun and highly recommended for fans of comedy fantasy.”

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